You are too far away by Lisa
**love Letters(englisch)**

1.9.05 18:19

Love poems

Above the clouds the morning awakes,
crawling red over the sleepy smooth hills with it's morning dust,
striking the villages with its first warm rays,
like you strike my arm,
like awakes,a rooster cries,
love awakes,my soul sings,
and the fine smell of fresh baked rolls
creeps from the bakeries through the streets,
and find company in the fresh brewed coffees,
so we find company in us.
10.8.05 10:59

For my love

When i look into your eyes I see a better world, full of flowers,sunshine,hope and happyness
I don't care about the rest when I'm with you,it's just you and me.
No sorrow,no pain,na pathatic thaughts.
It's like a long river running through an deep valley full of trees,birds are singing,butterflys all around.
I'm happy,I'm wacky,I'm everything.Nothing is depressive.
Only when i'm not with you the world is gray and dark.
No trees,no flowers,no happyness.
Emptiness and pain breaking out,displaces positive things.
I'm sinking deep.I'm drowning.Hope to see you tomorrow
because you take away all my sorrow!
10.8.05 10:54

Call it love

When I look in your eyes,
the sun shines bright
with your words you make everything alright.
When you hold me tight
I feel like i'm dreaming.
And i'm so happy
that i can hardly breathing.
With your open heart you make me see that it is love what i feel!
10.8.05 10:47

Beauttiful in my eyes

You're a piece of my mind in this crazy world.
You're everything I've tried to find,
you're love is a pearl.
You're my Brad Pitt,you're my rainbow skies,
and my only pray is that you realize
you'll always beautiful
in my eyes.
10.8.05 10:44


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